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Miami Gay Bars: African American
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The city's main sex plex is Club Aqua Miami Coral Way, , which back when it opened in the early s went by the name Body Center. Located just north of the city's historic gay enclave, Coconut Grove , and about 5 miles west-by-southwest of downtown Miami, this spacious, expansive facility still has a popular spot among some, especially Hispanic and Afro-Latino guys of all ages. The management actively courts younger men by offering free entry and lockers for up to four hours to any guys between the ages of 18 and 24, but the crowd is—as at many bathhouses—pretty varied in age, depending on when you come here.

This also means it can be a bit hit-or-miss as far as finding a decent number of guys to hang out with. Unfortunately, the club is in somewhat mediocre condition and could use a refurbishment. It's an option, for sure, but if you're staying in South Beach, where it's a to minute drive depending on traffic, a visit here may not be worth the effort, especially if you don't have a rental car and are taking a cab.

Thrice a Resister

Another option for hooking up in Miami is heading to one of the popular gay beaches. There are two choices, and they're very different, each with its own pros and cons.

And while there might not be as many gay-specific spots, it feels like nearly ever restaurant or bar I went to was gay-friendly, still catering to the gay community in cute, subtle ways, from having a rainbow pride flag outside, some queer artwork inside, or having muscular gay bartenders who flirt with you.

Direct beach access and multiple pools on premises. The view is insane. They have a cleansing massage where they roll you down with a crystal ball of your choice. He kept purposefully pulling down his outside wear to show off the label and his upper crack. It was an aggressive move, but one I respect.

Miami, FL Male Escorts

I mean, it definitely got my attention. The vibe of the bar, simply put, is chill.

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Their name really says it all. You should be taking your gay ass out and about. You need to attend Palace for drag brunch.

Casual Encounters in Dating Miami

The iconic establishment lives up to its name. Miami queens come to slayyy. They stop traffic in the streets and will get the fuck inside random cars. Miami queens come to slayyy.

They stop traffic in the streets and will get the fuck inside random cars. They will give you 15 reveals and then pour your mimosa on top of themselves. Your champagne flute will never get close to empty.

9 Best Gay Clubs in Miami for All Types of Queer Fun

Right next door to Palace, you can get a quick view of the Gianni Versace Villa and see the footsteps where he died. From there, you keep heading down Ocean Drive.

On your left you see the blue water, above the even bluer sky, and to the right, all the brightly colored facades and neon lights from the art deco buildings. Miami Beach actually monitors and upkeeps the buildings on Ocean Dr. Boy, oh goddamn boy. Everyone told me I had to head there, so there was a lot of hype going into it.

But when I first walked in, I was underwhelmed. It looked so tiny. Ohhhhh, girl, this place is actually huge. But I digress, each room had different music and vibe.